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Liked the plug-in? Want to help? That's great!

There are several ways you can contribute to the development of this exeptional(grin) piece of software:

  • Reporting bugs. If you encounter a bug in Deployer, you can send it to the forums or the mailing list here. Please include as much info about the bug and your instalation as posible (Eclipse version, Operating System, Network connection and setup, etc)
  • Ideas. If you have ideas about Deployer functionality, new features, etc., please post them into the forums or the mailing list here.
  • Coding. If you want to code those ideas, or have found a bug and solved it, please contact me and we'll find out the best way to integrate that code into the plug-in.
  • Documentation. As you can see here, there's not much documentation for this plug-in yet. If you want to write a FAQ, a better instalation or use guides, or anything like that, please do it and send it to me via mail so I can upload it (and give you proper credit, of course).
  • Donations. Well, actually, what you can do is contribute to my welfare and entertainment, buying something from my Wish List at Amazon (grin).